H Welcome to my personal website!

The purpose of this website is to give visitors a better idea about me. What I can do, what I have done in the past and what I am up to now and in the near future.

This website is rather business-oriented and my targeted audience are my potential clients, employers and colleagues.

T A brief introduction

I am a seasoned IT professional. I started programming as an elementary school kid back in the 80's on those early 8-bit computers, when PC's did not even exist. As IT evolved over the years, so did I with it: I started coding on PC platform from its very beginnings; I started using the Internet at the university even before it became available to the public; I got exposed to Linux from its early days and so on. By the time I finished my Masters in Computer Science I could code well on a half dozen platforms.

My employers from early on noticed my experience and dedication. They didn't want my skills to be "wasted" (as they often put it) on some small tasks, so I was always exposed to something new and more demanding. By now I am capable of a full life-cycle development of an enterprise size project, from defining business requirements, installing and configuring the software, to the actual coding of the entire solution, up to the handling of the project to the stakeholders. Now, with about 28 years of IT work experience, the number of technologies I have used is at least twice as many when compared to people my age - a sure proof of my skills and dedication.

But technologies come and go. What I have learned over the years is a genuine IT experience. Any new technology I deal with is merely a new syntax, a few new features. Nothing I wouldn't overcome with an easy in a couple of days (or weeks if the Internet was slow). But my experience is not limited only to the technical subjects; my IT skills are complemented with a range of "soft" skills, such as dealing with stakeholders or turning business requirements into technical specifications, data-models, and such.

Any skill, technical or not, will quickly diminish, when you don't put your heart into what you are doing. For me, if something is worth doing, it is worth doing it well and doing it right. I am one of those people who will go an extra mile to get things done. Once I am on board, I am on board fully. And I will not let down anybody.