F Files

Clicking on the tile below will open corresponding file in a new window (or tab, based on your browser settings). If you just want to save the file without opening it, with most modern browsers (excluding Internet Explorer) you can right click the tile and choose "Save link as..." to save the file. If you open PDF document and want to save it, there should be a toolbar with a button for saving the document. With some browsers you have to move the mouse pointer to the bottom, or the right bottom of the screen to invoke the toolbar. If still no toolbar is present, you can try pressing Ctrl+H to invoke the Adobe Reader toolbar.

You can also get all files together in a ZIP format by clicking "All as ZIP" tile (ZIP files don't open in a new window/tab. Depending on the browser, you might be prompted to save it).

For security reasons web versions of my CV's and Resumes do not contain my full address and a phone number. A proper file with a full address and a phone number is available upon request. Also, if you want a file in another format (such as DOC or RTF), let me know and I'll see what I can do. You can use Contact section to contact me. Make sure to indicate what exact version do you want. For instance in case of MS Word indicate DOCX, or Word97/2000/XP version of DOC and so on.

References are available upon request.