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The purpose of this section is to demonstrate my technical skills and capabilities using actual examples.

@ About This Website

This website and its content have been designed and developed by myself and the website itself can be presented as an example of my skills. I have tried to make the website informal and professional and yet interesting. I always try to visualize actual people being exposed to my work and I want their experience to be a positive one.

From a design perspective, I decided for a compact, tile design to accommodate also touch screen devices. The website was tested with Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Samsung Internet, Internet Explorer (11) and Safari (5.1.7) browsers. After checking the latest statistics, I have found other browsers to be rather marginal.

I would like to thank the following subjects for using their resources on this website:

  • www.fontsquirrel.com for presenting the following fonts: Rubik, ArmWrestler, Heydings Common Icons, Heydings Controls and Tangerine; I would also like to credit the creators of these fonts
  • www.dynamicdrive.com for their Image Thumbnail Viewer Script (which I customized a bit)
  • nms-cgi.sourceforge.net for their FormMail script
  • Unknown author of the Honk Kong scenery, initially found at now defunct www.allwallpapersfree.org